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Gül YaşartürkThe Cinema of Güliz Sağlam and Feryal Saygılıgil: Documentaries That Establish A Dialogue Between Women by Women

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Jan BabnikNo Way Out – So Why not Parasitize? Art is Capital and Capital is Art – A Repetition of an Old Story 

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João Evangelista, Becoming tool

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Pelin AytemizVirtual Talismans to Stave off the Wicked Eye: The Baby Photographs of Instagram Shielded Behind Emojis

Sarah TuckDisrupting the Asymmetry of Drone Vision

Stephanie HartleDigging up the Left-Wing Corpse? : Reenactment and Melancholia in Jeremy Deller’s The Battle of Orgreave. 

Susana DelgadoThe trace as a photographic remembrance of the disaster: real estate bubble in the Spanish landscape

Witold KanickiPeople’s Republic of Pola(roid)nd Capitalist invention in communist country