THE LEFT CONFERENCE – Photography and Film Criticism

International Conference



The aim of the third edition of The Left Conference, Photography and Film Criticism is to debate the use of photographs and film from a leftist stance. In particular, to critical examine and explore the relation of documentary practices with political commitment in different historical circumstances throughout the twentieth century and the early twenty first century.

The seminar/conference together will take place at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidade de Lisboa on the 9th and 10th November 2018.

We invite paper submission of no more than 500 words abstract, followed by a short bio (200 words – including name and institution). The proposal can focus on photography and film related to:

  • the creation of documentary as a social and political weapon;
  • postcolonial representations and imagery;
  • women rights and feminist imagery;
  • avant-gardes and ideology claims;
  • the role of images in the leftist movements;
  • contemporary art practices and social and political criticism;
  • gender studies;
  • surveillance and the political;
  • Alan Sekula legacy and the political commitment with images.


Keynote speakers

David Bate (University of Westminster, London UK)
José Bragança de Miranda (Universidade Nova de Lisboa, PT)


Conference Venue & Dates

Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universidade de Lisboa
9th and 10th November 2018



Please send your abstracts until 20th July 2018 to

Participants will be notified until the end of July and the conference program will be published in late September.



Paper Submission: free
Regular Registration: 70€
Student Registration: 45€





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