DAVID BATE (University of Westminster, London UK)

David Bate is an artist and writer with a well known international reputation for his work on photography, visual arts history, theory and culture. He is Professor of Photography, supervising PhD work and teaching on the MA Photography Arts programme. He is also an editor of the international photography theory journal Photographies started in 2008. Awarded a BA (Hons) degree on the famous Film and Photographic Arts course at PCL, before taking the MA Social History of Art at the University of Leeds. He then completed a Doctorate at the University of Leeds in the Fine Art Department in 1999. A co-founder of the artist collective galleries Accident and Five Years Gallery in London 2000, his visual artworks have been exhibited by independent galleries across the world.



JOSÉ BRAGANÇA de MIRANDA (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Lisbon PT)

José A. Bragança de Miranda is PhD in Communication Sciences by Universidade Nova de Lisboa (1990) where he also did his aggregation in 2000. Is is currently associate Professor at Nova University in the Communication department and invited emeritus Professor at Lusophone University of Lisbon. He published extensively in the field of Cultural and Contemporary Theory, Art Criticism and Politics, Digital Culture and Digital political Activism, Philosophy. He has ore than 20 books and book chapters published in several languages and is regularly invited as keynote speaker in the field of Philosophy of Culture and Digital Political activism